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Ottawa wedding photographer
Elias Mercado, Ottawa wedding photographer

I was born and raised in Venezuela and now call Ottawa home. I’m a storyteller wedding photographer and I love every single aspect of what I do. I’ve always been attracted to art. When I was a child, I played the violin and sang in choirs for quite a few years. I’m also passionate about movies, and of course popcorns! I feel inspired by movies and I’m pretty sure that this leads me to enjoy visual arts, as I do, and to become a professional photographer.

During a period of my life, I like to think I was trying art on myself, as I dyed my hair many colours (is there such thing as a 20’s mid-life crisis?), which now I think is the main reason for my baldness!. I studied Marketing and Sales and graduated with honours… and with blond hair! Then I dyed it green, orange, blue. Oh man, I miss my hair! Now I only have a moustache and sometimes beard, it’s not that fun.

I try to enrich my eyes and brain everywhere I travel. From the wonders like The Hassan II Mosque in Morocco to The Prado National Museum in Spain and The Museum of Art of Sao Paulo, every experience had made me a better observer and I like to think it has also made me a better photographer.

In the years I’ve been involved with photography, I’ve learned to appreciate the details that make up the awesome world we live in. One thing I love about my job is that I get to interact with many people and scenes, make new friends and be part of the fun. Getting to know my clients, capturing real feelings and telling their stories is what fulfills me.

My goal is that my clients can relive the fantastic moments they had seen the pictures. I’ve created endless memories!

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“Elias, you are so amazing as a professional, an artist and as a person! . You were very sensitive and respectful to our spiritual practice throughout, incorporating the very symbolic and meaningful parts of our spiritual ceremony into the visual record of our wedding. You had a clear vision for our wedding photography; both that vision and your creativity really shows in the final images that you presented to us. They are absolutely stunning!”
Sarah & Arthur — Recently Married Click Here to see their photos

“Every time we see our wedding pictures we have no doubt that we were blissed to had the THE BEST photographer, our wedding reamains in our hearts and in the beautiful pictures which make us always remeber how happy we’ve being in our life.“
Alejandra Clemente — Recently Married @alejandragabii

“Having Elias in charge of capturing all our moments and emotions at our wedding made us feel relieved. We thank him for being able to appreciate and capture our most precious moments. The pictures will remember us with great love those days! Thank you Elias“
Alexandra Reyes — Recently Married @alexandrareyesj

“Thank you, Elias, for your effort and love, for capturing and immortalizing the most beautiful moments of the most special day of our lives.“
Silvia Badro— Recently Married @silviabadro

Thanks for viewing the world through my eyes — I hope you enjoy my site and the work that I’m doing. Do you want me to tell your story? Get in touch.

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